Softball Season Start Announced!

Its almost that time!! The season will start the week of May 6th. All captains have their rosters, and should be contacting players now. If you have not heard from your captain by May 1st, please message us and we will help you out.

Rule changes:

Some new rules for this year:

#1 – for Youth and Adult only – there is a HUB or commitment line in the outfield – no outfield player may be inside that line when the ball is hit. Only after the ball is in play may they enter that area.

#2 – for Adult only – Teams MUST give 24 hour notice if they cannot field a team. If a team does not give 24hr notice, they will be fined $30 (the umpire fee for the game). That team will not be allowed to play their next scheduled game until that fine has been paid.  

#3 – Smoking is prohibited anywhere on city property. That means smoking in the parking lot is not allowed, you must go down to the street if you need to smoke. Thank you for respecting this city by-law.